Barb From 'Stranger Things' Is Finally Getting Her Justice In 'Riverdale'

Shannon Purser plays Ethel Muggs on “Riverdale” and comes out on top.

A familiar face graced the screen on last night’s episode of “Riverdale,” a gritty teen drama based on the “Archie” comic books.

Shannon Purser, who played the mom jeans-wearing Barb in last summer’s breakout television hit, “Stranger Things,” is now playing Ethel on “Riverdale.” See it?

Shannon Purser as Ethel in “Riverdale."
Shannon Purser as Ethel in “Riverdale."

And unlike Barb, whose death at the hands of a Demogorgon sparked the hashtag #JusticeforBarb last summer, Ethel comes out on top, at least in last night’s episode.

Shannon Purser as Barb in "Stranger Things."
Shannon Purser as Barb in "Stranger Things."

According to a recap by Vulture, Ethel helps Betty, Veronica and their peer Cheryl expose a group of vicious football players who have been exploiting and mistreating young women at Riverdale, their high school.

Ethel becomes key in identifying the players and getting them booted form the team.

After the men are busted and booed by fellow students in the halls of Riverdale, the following conversation takes place between all four women:

Ethel: Thanks, Betty. Thanks, Veronica. 

Betty: Thank you, Ethel, for going on the record. It made all of the difference with Weatherbee [the school’s principal].

Veronica: You’re the bravest of them all, Ethel Muggs.

Cheryl: Hashtag, Justice for Ethel. 

Thanks, “Riverdale.” We’ve been waiting for that since July!



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