Barbara Boxer Explains Why Young Voters Are Attracted To Bernie Sanders

The California senator says Sanders has flash, but Clinton gets results.

Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) is confident about Hillary Clinton's chances to win the Democratic nomination for president, even despite skepticism about Clinton's ties to Wall Street and her lack of support from younger voters.

Clinton is facing questions about her struggle to connect with the millennial generation after voters aged 17 to 29 overwhelmingly sided with Bernie Sanders in the Iowa caucuses. So what's behind the landslide of young support for Sanders? Boxer posited during a HuffPost Live interview Thursday that Sanders' raw emotion appeals to the younger parts of the electorate.

"Bernie evidences a tremendous amount of emotional anger, and that is a lot of the mood of a lot of our people, our kids who are saddled with this debt," Boxer said.

The senator added that while young voters may be "attracted to the angry rhetoric," she feels Sanders lacks Clinton's talent for bringing people together on tough issues. "That's where I think Hillary has it over Bernie," she said.

"If you want a raise in the minimum wage, you better be ready to work with everybody. If you want to make sure you can refinance student debt, you better be ready to work with everybody," Boxer said. "Being angry is important. It's a step. But it's not how you get things done, at the end of the day. You have to find the sweet spot." 

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