Barbara Boxer: Call Me 'Senator' (VIDEO, POLL)

Barbara Boxer: Call Me 'Senator' (VIDEO)

UPDATE: More fall-out from Sen. Boxer's insistence last week that the military officer she was questioning call her 'senator,' instead of 'ma'am.' Chuck DeVore, a Republican running for Boxer's Senate seat in 2010 called it "the latest liberal-military confrontation." He went on to bring up her participation in Vietnam War protests and ask on his website: "Why do some liberals apparently despise our military?"

Republican Sen. Jim DeMint of South Carolina was also disturbed by the nomenclature request, calling the Senator "a loose cannon" and an embarrassment to her party. From McClatchy's write up of the kerfuffle:

Republican critics in the blogosphere and elsewhere are excoriating Boxer...
"I just can't put up with that kind of thing when people think too much of themselves, and we see a lot of that in Washington," DeMint told Fox News Channel.

UPDATE: John McCain poked fun at fellow senator Barbara Boxer on "Hannity" Thursday.

"Thank you for calling me 'Senator' and not 'sir," McCain said to the host, grinning.

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Yesterday at an EPW hearing, Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) asserted herself. A military officer testifying began to respond to one of her questions by calling her ma'am. But Boxer interrupted: "Do me a favor," she said, "could you say 'senator' instead of 'ma'am?' It's just a thing, I worked so hard to get that title, so I'd appreciate it, yes, thank you."

Fox News actually reported out this story by calling up an Army spokesman to ask if it was disrespectful for the officer to call Boxer ma'am. Their conclusion: no big deal! What do you think?

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