Barbara Boxer Has Spent 28 Years in Washington Representing Radical Ideas

It is time to change Washington and that means making sure the bitter and partisan Barbara Boxer is not there representing the largest of the United States.
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United States Senator Barbara Boxer -- she insists on being called by the full title -- not only doesn't work with Republicans in Washington, she doesn't work very well with members of her own Democratic Party. Unlike our other U.S. Senator, Diane Feinstein, Boxer consistently advocates for radical views and fringe issues. Boxer is antagonistic towards California's business community, votes exactly the way the unions instruct her, rarely meets with people and groups she disagrees with and is known for her grand ego and mean-spirited temper. Boxer has spent 28 years in Washington and is considered by many to be the consummate self-serving politician insulated from everyday people. If you think Washington, DC, is broken, Barbara Boxer's radical tenure is one of the main reasons.

Boxer has for years blocked oil drilling on land and in shallow waters. It was Boxer who helped lead the effort to push oil drilling into deep waters -- so far out that it was next to impossible to stop wells from leaking or do necessary repairs in the ocean. But for Boxer, as long as her radical environmentalist friends couldn't actually see the drills then she was okay with drilling. Boxer's policy wasn't based on philosophical beliefs or actual concerns for the environment; she just wanted it out of sight. Sadly, we saw the repercussions of Boxer's radical drilling views during the BP Gulf Coast oil disaster when even the government couldn't make the necessary repairs to the oil rig because of the depth of the ocean waters it was in.

Boxer has also not just been pro-choice but has worked to make abortions federally funded. Boxer has advocated the use of tax dollars to support women who want their abortions paid for by others. Boxer hasn't just wanted health care reform to better serve those that get sick and can't pay for health care, she has advocated and worked hard for a public option to replace our current system. Boxer has pushed for a federally run health care system similar to how the federal government runs the post office -- federal control with local service centers. Boxer also continues to believe in an economic plan that is based around more federal spending and higher taxes to pay for the spending. Boxer is advocating for even more stimulus money than the $900 billion already spent by the Obama Administration.

Californians who expect politicians to work with others to find solutions to our problems must not support Boxer for reelection. And moderate and independent voters who believe we must stop the bickering in Washington and end partisan roadblocks must recognize that Boxer is abig part of the problem. The San Francisco Chronicle, the most liberal newspaper in the state and Boxer's hometown newspaper, said it best when it decided NOT to endorse Boxer for re-election. The editorial read:

The incumbent, Democrat Barbara Boxer, has failed to distinguish herself during her 18 years in office. There is no reason to believe that another six-year term would bring anything but more of the same uninspired representation. ... Her most famous moments on Capitol Hill have not been ones of legislative accomplishment, but of delivering partisan shots. ... (Californians) deserve a senator who is accessible, effective and willing and able to reach across party lines to achieve progress on the great issues of our times. Boxer falls short on those counts. ... Boxer's campaign, playing to resentment over (Carly) Fiorina's wealth, is not only an example of the personalized pettiness that has infected too much of modern politics, it is also a clear sign of desperation.

It is time to change Washington and that means making sure the bitter and partisan Barbara Boxer is not there representing the largest of the United States. Each state gets only two people to represent it in the Senate. Boxer has done nothing to suggest she'll serve the people of California any better in the next six years than she has in the last 18, which is not at all. Californians should step out and be the first to send the message that Washington politicians must stop being bitter partisans and start working together. Defeating Boxer will send that message.

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