Barbara Buono Slams Chris Christie's Prince Harry Meetup

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie's Democratic opponent has a new target in her campaign, Britain's Prince Harry.

Democratic gubernatorial nominee Barbara Buono used her primary election victory speech Tuesday to criticize Christie's famous tour of the Jersey shore with Prince Harry last month as a rallying line for her uphill campaign. Christie gave Prince Harry a tour of the shore showcasing the recovery since Superstorm Sandy last year.

Buono, a state senator from Metuchen who was once on food stamps, used the criticism in an attempt to rally her party behind her campaign theme of protecting New Jersey's middle class. Christie has talked about his record in office and has repeatedly tied Buono to the economic and tax policies of unpopular former Gov. Jon Corzine (D).

"I need you to tell a few friends that being on magazine covers and meeting Prince Harry don’t mean anything to us," Buono said. "Because folks here in New Jersey don’t worry all that much about the royal family in England. They worry about their own families."

Buono and Christie formally captured their parties' nominations Tuesday night, both defeating little-known opponents. Christie is leading Buono by more than 30 percentage points in recent polls and has led in fundraising. Christie has run five commercials during the primary campaign, compared with one television ad for Buono.

As part of his gubernatorial duties, Christie has been highlighting the Jersey shore's recovery, including showing Prince Harry and President Barack Obama around. He famously gave Prince Harry a fleece during the visit. He also appeared in a tourism commercial with his family, that was paid for with federal recovery funds.

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