Laura Bush Was 'Shocked' That Barbara Bush Didn't Want Another Bush Presidency

Apparently, even former first ladies give their mother-in-law the final word.

That's what former first lady Laura Bush did when her mother-in-law Barbara said in 2013 that she thought there had been enough Bushes in the White House while former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush (R) considered a presidential run.

Laura Bush told ABC's Jonathan Karl on Sunday that even though she was "shocked" by the comment, she wasn't going to tell her mother-in-law.

“Do you think I would tell my mother-in-law something?” she said.

During a 2013 interview on the "Today" show, Barbara Bush said that she didn't want Jeb to run.

“I think it's a great country. There are a lot of great families, and it's not just four families or whatever. There are other people out there that are very qualified, and we've had enough Bushes,” she said.

But as Jeb Bush has ramped up a potential campaign for a bid in 2016, Barbara Bush has told supporters that she changed her mind and now supports a Bush presidency.



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