Barbara Cooper, Author Of 'Fall In Love For Life,' Shares Relationship Advice After 73-Years Of Marriage

Type in the term “OG” into Google and several, disparate results pop up. There is the Urban Dictionary result, which defines “OG” as an acronym standing for “original gangster," and then there is the Wikipedia entry, which summarizes “Og” as a slain king from the Bible. What you will not find, however, is perhaps the most interesting site about “OGs” on the Internet... "The Original Grandparents."

Barbara “Cutie” and Harry Cooper, or the “OGs,” started their video- and picture-filled advice site in 2008, after being introduced to the Internet by their two granddaughters, Kim and Chinta Cooper. Kim and Chinta became the couple’s primary caregivers a year earlier, after the unexpected passing of Barbara and Harry’s two children. The granddaughters were looking “for fun things we could do together as a family,” and, after witnessing the great chemistry behind her grandparent’s marriage, decided starting a blog was the perfect activity.

“Chinta and I were both so charmed by our grandparents' sweet relationship and how naturally funny they were that we wanted to document them, both for ourselves, and to share with other people,” Kim wrote in an e-mail.

Alhough Harry passed away in 2010, 96-year-old Barbara Cooper has continued to blog about her 73-year-long marriage, doling out relationship advice to anyone who asks. She has racked up nearly 6,000 Facebook followers and with the help of her granddaughters, recently completed the book, “Fall in Love for Life: Inspiration from a 73-Year Marriage.” In the book’s introduction, Kim and Chinta wrote, “their marriage of 73 years inspires awe... It was the two of them against the world.”

Kim said that her grandmother gives excellent advice because "she knows, without question, that she's right,” and we agree. Below we have listed our favorite pieces of Cutie’s advice from both her book and blog.

1. "Fill your life with trustworthy friends, and don’t drop them should you fall in love. They can be your guides should you ever lose track of what is important in your life."

2. "Try to come home from work with interesting stories to share. This strengthens your relationship by keeping your thoughts on your beloved all day long."

3. "For maximum mental health, seek out a relaxing pleasure that can be counted on to rejuvenate your soul, and don’t neglect to pamper yourself regularly."

4. "It’s okay to be annoyed by things that the person you love does, but it’s not okay to hold grudges. If you learn to articulate the things that bother you, and be willing to bend, your partner will do the same."

5. "You can think something completely differently than your sweetheart does, and you can both be right. Pick your battles, and respect your differences."

6. "If you are fortunate enough to have a job, no matter what it is or how much it pays, take pride in it. If you respect yourself and the work you do, you’ll feel better than most millionaires."

7. "Both people in a marriage need to feel free to pursue their passions, secure in the knowledge that their partners, even if they don’t share the passions, will be supportive. Don’t feel like you have to enjoy doing everything together or your life will become all compromise."

8. "I know that the media tries to tell us that the only thing that matters is youth, but that is so wrong! Definitely enjoy this time that you have as a young person and try not to be so hard on yourself for being concerned about getting older."

9. "You have to be firm when you let people know how you want to be treated, and what the consequences will be if they do not listen."



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