Trump Organization's CFO Could Bare 'Lots' Of Hush-Money Payoffs, Ex-Executive Says

"Trump would do that kind of thing, and Allen Weisselberg would draw the check," said Barbara Res, the company's former vice president.

Trump Organization Chief Financial Officer Allen Weisselberg had a ringside seat to potentially “lots” of other hush-money payments by Donald Trump that could be exposed in congressional testimony, a former company vice president said Friday.

Barbara Res, who worked for the Trump Organization for 18 years and served as vice president in charge of construction, said there’s little Weisselberg doesn’t know about Trump and his company’s expenditures.

Weisselberg was granted immunity last year in federal prosecutors’ hush-money investigation of Trump’s former personal attorney Michael Cohen, who was convicted in November of campaign finance violations and lying to Congress. Weisselberg was named repeatedly as a witness to several events discussed by Cohen in testimony Wednesday before the House oversight committee. Now the House intelligence committee plans to bring Weisselberg in to testify.

“Does he know how Trump used his money?” Ari Melber asked Res on MSNBC’s “The Beat.”

“Yes,” she said. “He really did a lot of Trump’s personal accounting [since 1973], and he was the accountant for the company [since 1987]. He paid bills ... he collected money.”

Melber asked if Weisselberg will “spill the beans” when he’s called to testify.

“I don’t think Allen would perjure himself,” Res said.

“Does he know about other hush money payments?”

“Yes,” said Res, estimating the number “instinctively” as “lots.” Definitely more than five, she noted, but Res wouldn’t say if it could be more than 10.

“Trump would do that kind of thing,” she said, referring to hush-money payments. “And Allen would be the guy to draw out the check. Probably Trump would sign it himself.

Check out the video above. Her comments about Weisselberg begin at 3:50.

Res told CNN’s Brooke Baldwin on Thursday that racist jokes, including ones by Trump, and the use of a racist slur were common for years at the Trump Organization.

Barbara Res on the platform of a Trump building in 1980.
Barbara Res on the platform of a Trump building in 1980.
New York Daily News Archive via Getty Images

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