Ex-Trump Organization VP: Trump Deserves To Go To Jail

Barbara Res, a former vice president at the company, says Trump could be in legal jeopardy this week.

Donald Trump’s company could face criminal charges as early as this week, according to reports ― and at least one former top exec at the firm said the ex-president should be going to prison.

Barbara Res, who for years served as the vice president in charge of construction at the Trump Organization, said “nothing major” happens at the company without Trump knowing about it.

“He is in this with both legs,” Res said amid reports that prosecutors have told Trump attorneys they have until Monday to explain why the company shouldn’t face criminal charges.

Trump CFO Allen Weisselberg is also reportedly facing charges in what observers believe is a means of pressuring him to flip on the former president. But so far, he hasn’t ― and Res said she’s surprised.

“Trump has something on him, I would imagine,” she speculated. “That’s the only thing I can think of.”

CNN’s Jim Acosta asked Res if she felt Trump belongs in jail.

“Certainly,” she said. “That’s an opinion of a citizen, not even somebody that knows Trump.”

She added:

“But I do know him and I know that he’s very deliberate, very measured and very vengeful. And he doesn’t follow the rules. He never did follow the rules. So, does he deserve to go to jail? I imagine he does.”

See more of their conversation above.

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