Barbara Tells Hillary: "Drop It Already"

Barbara Tells Hillary: "Drop It Already"

Barbara Walters was away last week when her co-hosts on "The View" started a media firestorm — mentioning that Chelsea Clinton called them on Super Tuesday, which eventually led to David Shuster's now-infamous "pimped out" comment and his subsequent suspension from NBC News.

Today, Barbara returned with a comment on Shuster's suspension and, specifically, the letter Hillary Clinton sent over the weekend to NBC News President Steve Capus:

It was as if she was advocating more than just his being suspended. Perhaps I feel this because of the years, and all of you, we are live, and sometimes you say something unfortunate. You apologize, he's getting suspended, he apologized, MSNBC apologized. Drop it already! It's OK. He made a mistake."


Barbara Walters weighed in on the David Shuster controversy, urging Hillary Clinton to "drop it already." Shuster has been suspended, though over the weekend Clinton hinted that she wanted further action taken.

From ABC, 2/11

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