Barbara Walters' Bernie Madoff Interview Gets Frosty Reception On 'The View' (VIDEO)

Barbara Walters got a taste of the lingering fury towards Bernie Madoff on Thursday's "View," when her attempts to relay what the notorious criminal had told her in a recent interview kept getting shot down by her angry co-hosts.

Walters interviewed Madoff for two hours at his North Carolina prison, and on Thursday she told the rest of the panel what she had found. She said Madoff has horrible nightmares and is in therapy. However, Joy Behar quickly cut in and called him a sociopath. Walters gave more information about her interview until Behar cut her off again. She said that, far from making "wealthy people wealthier," as Madoff told Walters he had done, he had robbed charities and hard-working people of their savings.

"I'm not defending, I'm telling you what he says," Walters stressed. She went on to say that Madoff essentially told her that many of his victims had turned out alright.

"Oh, but Barbara," Sherri Shepherd interrupted. "I'm telling you what he said," Walters repeated. "It's just hard to feel a lot of sympathy for Bernie Madoff," Shepherd continued. "No, no, no, nobody's asking you to feel any sympathy," Walters said. She went on, saying that Madoff told her he no longer lives in fear.

"You should have been living in fear!" Shepherd said, referring to Madoff. "I'm only telling you what he said!" Walters cried. This pattern kept happening until Walters stopped the conversation.

"Do you want me to tell you what he says or do you want to keep saying he's horrible and we all agree?" she said, actually putting her head on the table.

"Feed us!" Joy Behar said. "Feed the monster."