Barbara Walters Joins Twitter, Tweets On "The View" (VIDEO)

Barbara Walters has lost her "Twitter virginity."

On "The View" Monday, Walters announced that she's the latest media personality to embrace the service, tweeting at

Walters had tweeted before the show, saying, "This is my first day on twitter All exited. Getting ready to do The View Must get my hair done."

Then, on-air, she demonstrated using Twitter on her BlackBerry (through an application called TwitterBerry) and announced, "I am losing my twitter virginity."

Whoopi Goldberg is now the only co-host of "The View" who does not use Twitter, and she ended Monday's segment by begging Twitter founders to shut down a fake @whoopigoldberg account.

"People at Twitter, I've written you, I've begged you," Whoopi pleaded, "someone's signing me up and I didn't want it done. Please take it down 'cause it's not me!"