Barbara Walters Gets Worked Up Over 'Most Fascinating' List On 'The View' (VIDEO)

The ladies of "The View" worked Barbara Walters up into a frenzied frazzle on Thursday's show.

Walters was discussing the people who made it onto her coveted annual "Most Fascinating" special. But immediately after she announced the first people on the list — the Kardashians — Joy Behar objected.

"Why are they so fascinating to you?" she objected. Walters said that the Kardashians had been all over the news and thus merited a spot on the list. Behar seemed skeptical, and all of the other co-hosts started chiming in, with Walters trying to get a word in edgewise. Finally, she let out a shriek of frustration.

"Why do I do this show? I could have a happy life on ABC News!" she exclaimed. Then she moved onto Simon Cowell -- another choice who Joy picked on.

"What is with you?" Barbara asked. "No wonder you're not on the list!" But the most dramatic reaction from her fellow co-hosts came when she announced that Donald Trump was on the list. Whoopi widened her eyes and turned to the studio audience, looking over the rim of her glasses. She leaned back and let her body go limp in a display of sheer exasperation.

"I don't care, he's on the list, Whoopi!" Barbara responded, banging her hand on the table.

"I just want you to tell me who's on the damn list," Whoopi said.

Barbara said, "I'm tired too!" before wrapping the list up.