Barbara Walters Was A Playboy Bunny For A Day In 1962 (VIDEO)

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Back in the day, Barbara Walters went to Playboy bunny school. NBC dug up a 1962 segment that Walters did for the "Today Show" at the famous New York City nightclub -- and it's fairly fabulous. The clip aired on "The View" this morning.

Walters got the full bunny treatment and training at the Playboy club, including donning "a too tight satin bathing suit and black leotard" and being outfitted with a fluffy white tail. "Are most of the girls embarrassed when they put these costumes on?" she asks. "I feel ridiculous!"

She also goes through the 35-page bunny manual, learns the "Bunny Dip" from some more experienced servers and tries to serve customers herself. "I felt pretty awkward, but at least I didn't spill anything on the customers," she says.

Oh Babs, we'll miss you when you retire next year.



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