Barbara Walters Says RT Anchor Who Quit Is Not 'A Hero'

Liz Wahl is getting a lot of attention after quitting RT, but Barbara Walters said Thursday that the former anchor is not a "hero."

Wahl quit RT, a state-run Russian network, on air Wednesday. She said that her grandparents came to the U.S. to escape Soviet forces and that in light of Russia's recent invasion of Ukraine, she could no longer be part of a network that "whitewashes" the actions of Russian president Vladimir Putin.

Walters wasn't having it on Thursday. "She is working for the Russian network," Walters pointed out, referring to the two and a half years Wahl worked at RT.

"I think what she did is fine," the "View" host added. "It's a personal choice, but don't make her a hero for protesting. She's working for the government."

After quitting, Wahl later told The Huffington Post that she "did not know that [Putin's] views would be imposed on the news operation" when she started working at RT. For its part, RT has labeled Wahl's resignation a "self-promotional stunt."



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