Steve Jobs: Barbara Walters' Most Fascinating Person Of 2011 (VIDEO)

Barbara Walters named Apple co-founder Steve Jobs as 2011's "most fascinating person" Wednesday night, on her annual special for ABC's "20/20."

Walters' announced her special in November, and received some push back from her "View" co-host Joy Behar, when she unveiled that The Kardashians had made the list. As always, Walters kept her "most fascinating person" a secret until the special aired Wednesday night.

Walters said that she broke her own rules when she selected Jobs. Up until 2011, "every fascinating person must be living," Walters said during her special. When Jobs announced his retirement from Apple in August, Walters said that he "immediately" became her "most fascinating person of the year." However, she said that she "never got that interview" since he passed away in October.

"But we're sticking with our choice. Rules were meant to be broken, and that's certainly how Steve Jobs lived his life," Walters said. Walters described Jobs as always "seeing something we couldn't," which "makes him the most fascinating person of 2011."

Former GOP candidate Herman Cain, "Celebrity Apprentice" host Donald Trump, and pop-star Katy Perry also made Walters' list.


Some more public figures and icons who made Barbara Walters' "Most Fascinating" list: