Barbara Walters' Brutal Chris Christie Thanksgiving Zinger (VIDEO)

WATCH: Barbara Walters Gets Brutal

Barbara Walters was a tad feisty on "The View" Wednesday morning as she discussed the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday and her annual "Most Fascinating People" television special.

Walters said that she was in New Jersey the day before and sat down with Gov. Chris Christie as he made her "Most Fascinating" list. Co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck enthusiastically asked what Christie plans to do on Thanksgiving.

"I'm afraid he's eating" Walters said flatly. The co-hosts looked genuinely shocked by Walters' snappy response. "Oh Barbara," Sherri Shepherd screamed.

"Barbara made a fat joke!" Joy Behar chanted while clapping. "I love it!"

Whoopi Goldberg and Hasselbeck seemed unable to lift their jaws from the floor.

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