Barbie Is Instagram's Newest Style Star And We Are Thrilled

You Will Never Believe Who You Can Now Follow On Instagram

These days, it seems like everyone -- especially people in fashion -- are on Instagram. Now, one of the original style icons has an account of her own.

That's right, Barbie's closet made its social media debut on Wednesday. Her posts already fall in line with similar fashionista accounts, from outfits of the day to accessory call outs.

And if the news isn't enough to get you to follow Barbie, maybe this will: a little birdie (in the form of Elle Magazine) told us she's going to be at New York Fashion Week. So you can go ahead and add her to your accounts to follow, because you know she's getting a front row seat.

Check out some of the adorable photos below. Now all we need is a Ken and Barbie Instagram proposal and our childhood / social media crossover dreams will finally be realized.

A post shared by Barbieᅡᆴ (@barbiestyle) on

A post shared by Barbieᅡᆴ (@barbiestyle) on

A post shared by Barbieᅡᆴ (@barbiestyle) on

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