Barbra Streisand 70th Birthday: 14 GIFs For The Singer And Actor

Barbra Streisand turns 70 today. The singer and actress has two Academy Awards, five Emmys, eight Grammys, a Special Tony and a Peabody. And today, she has 14 GIFs.

HuffPost Entertainment searched high and low for a gift for the woman who has it all, and nothing seemed suitable. Instead, we combed the internet for animated photos of Babs throughout her storied career. You can see the gifs in the slideshow below -- be sure to vote for your favorite.

But first, some highlights from 70 extremely well spent years.

Streisand was born in in 1942 in Brooklyn, New York (believe the hype!). She went on to record an astounding 33 studio albums and appeared in 20 films. She has been featured on 47 soundtracks.

Her career branched into politics and philanthropy. She reportedly earned a spot on Nixon's Enemies List and has raised over $25 million for charitable organizations through her live performances.

She's perhaps still best remembered for her turn in "Funny Girl." Though she acted in the stage version of the musical, it was the 1968 film adaptation that earned Streisand the Oscar for Best Actress (she would win another Oscar, for Best Original Song for 1976's "A Star Is Born"). She starred across Omar Sharif in "Funny Girl," and uttered the two words that would come to define her career in the opening of the film.

"Hello, gorgeous."

Barbra Gifsand
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