Barcelona Open Ball Boy Recovers From Embarrassing Face Plant Like A Pro

Game, set, ouch.

It was supposed to be an ordinary serve, as Nicolas Almagro walked toward the baseline, aiming for the ace against Barcelona Open opponent Teymuraz Gabashvili. But as anyone other than Rafael Nadal will tell you, tennis’ clay surface can be a tricky -- and, it turns out, trippy -- thing. 

Just ask this ball boy, who almost came face to face with the Peugeot brand’s iconic lion trademark on his way out of play on Monday, as Almagro turned and prepared to face his opponent.

Game, set, ouch. But take a look at that post-fall rotation, rise and recovery!


We're rooting for this kid's comeback. It takes a lot to get to the level this ball boy is already at, so we should all cross our fingers that he doesn't let this (physical, metaphorical) wall hinder his ball-boy dreams.



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