When Barcodes Become The Basis For Contemporary Art

What if the barcode on your favorite cereal box could be transformed into a glitched-out, abstract artwork, dripping with geometric visuals and robotic melodies?

Thankfully Dmitry Morozov, a Moscow-based multimedia artist, is here to turn our far-out technological dreams into a reality. In an an interactive installation entitled "Post Code," Morozov transforms the omnipresent consumerist icons into digital landscapes of melting colors and shapes.


To do so, Morozov created an artistically inclined mechanism that scans the barcodes of various objects, turning the encoded digits into post-card sized works of glitch art. Along with visual translations, the mechanism also retrieves the melodic beeps and hums hidden within the codes, extracting from the simple swipe-happy bars unique combinations of both sound and sight.


While many barcode-centric artworks focus on the bizarre relationship between buyers and goods or the monotonous nature of the black-and-white codes, Morozov's works view the tiny designs as individual sites of beauty. Morozov frees the barcodes from their solely digital existence, blessing them with a physical form -- and a beautiful one at that.

See more barcode art below:

Scott Blake