Bardot Bars: Sexy Ice Cream Bars Are The Newest Dessert Trend

Is it getting cold in here or is it just these sexy ice cream bars?

Bardot Bars, the newest tasty treat to tickle our fancy, is giving the ice-cream sandwich trend a run for it's money. With bars called "Deep Thoughts," and "Ebony and Ivory," Bardot Bars are already turning heads -- and that's before even mentioning that they have flavors like dulce du leche and mascarpone, fresh mint, and a strawberry cream cheese mix, reports the San Diego Reader.

The edible delicacies will be featured in state of the art storefronts, designed by AIA award-winner Ana Henton in La Jolla, Arcadia and West Covina, reports Grub Street.

Here's hoping we get some in LA in time for summer!