Bare Breasts, Poem Displayed To Cops During Florida Burglary Investigation

Bare Breasts, Arrests, And A Poetic Tattoo

Roses are red, violets are blue, your poem is nice but we're still arresting you.

Florida police say a drunk and disorderly 31-year-old woman allegedly tore off her shirt, and flashed her tattooed breasts, revealing a poem, during a burglary investigation.

Susan Stickle and her 44-year-old friend Eric Bachman were allegedly smashing glass and screaming inside a Vero Beach home last Sunday, so neighbors called police to report a possible burglary, according to arrest reports obtained by

When cops showed up, the pair was allegedly on the porch screaming expletives and appearing to "be intoxicated by drugs and alcohol." An officer tried to talk to Bachman, but the suspect told him to go away.

That's when things got scandalous.

When asked for her name, Stickle allegedly took off her shirt, revealing a completely exposed chest and a tattoo listed as "Poem of a dead tree," the news website reported.

It's yet unclear whether Stickle's tattoo was her own composition or a reference to the Chinese poem by Yang Jian, which makes reference to an abrasive lifestyle:

"I no longer have any leaves, only thorns remain."

Bachman refused to explain why the two were at the residence. Cops arrested both on charges of disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.

Neighbors later told officers that the house belonged to Bachman, no burglary charges were filed.

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