Barney Frank, George Will Debate Pot Legalization (VIDEO)

WATCH: Barney Frank Smacks Down George Will

Barney Frank got into a heated discussion with George Will over marijuana legalization on ABC's 'This Week with Christiane Amanpour'.

"If someone wants to smoke marijuana who's an adult, why do you want to make them go to jail?" Frank asked.

"I need to know more about whether it's a gateway drug to other drugs, I need to know how you're going to regulate it," Will answered.

"Anything is a gateway to anything," the congressman said, calling the conservative columnist's remark "a slippery slope argument."

"What you're calling a cop out, I'm calling a quest for information," Will said.

"How long is it going to last?" Frank shot back.

George Will is one of many journalists or writers to be chewed out by Frank. See how others remember the experience below.

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