Barney Frank Mocked By Defeated Challenger

Sean Bielat, who lost a November election to Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass.), recently thumbed his nose at the congressman over news that Frank was officially entering the race for reelection only three months after taking victory.

"None of the presidential candidates have declared, but I guess Barney thinks America is waiting with bated breath to see if he is running," Bielat told the Boston Herald. "I was surprised. I thought he'd call it a day."

Bielat lost to Frank by 11 points in November, but the Herald reports that his latest release, "an eight-paragraph statement detailing Frank's faults and noted Frank's light war chest of $21,000," has many under the impression that he's considering a rematch.

The Boston Globe reports that the timing of Frank's decision is particularly significant because the latest census numbers have found that Massachusetts's population growth is likely slow enough to result in the loss of one of its 10 congressional districts. If no members of the state's congressional delegation decide to retire, two incumbents will have to face off for one of the districts.

"Ten does not become nine without that happening," Frank told the Herald, noting the potential reshuffling of districts. "It doesn't look like anybody is deciding to retire at this point."