Boy And His German Shepherd BFF Have The Perfect Bedtime Routine

They clean up, pray, read and snuggle.

From cleaning up to saying prayers to reading a storybook, bedtime becomes the best time when you’ve a canine pal.

In the video above, watch as Baron the (very clever) German shepherd helps his little human, Alexander, get ready for bed. He even tucks his BFF in.

Alexander’s mom, Linda Gonzalez, is the founder and owner of Hill County K-9, a pet training service in Oceanside, California. 

Gonzalez adopted Baron as a family pet when he was just a puppy, and she says she's been teaching the pooch tricks ever since.

Earlier this year, a video of Baron helping to load the dishwasher went viral. Other popular videos show him cleaning windows, making coffee and picking up after his human family.

"He's pretty smart,” Gonzalez told HuffPost in April, adding that the dog has a good attitude.


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