Are You For Barrrk Obama Or Mitt'ns Romney? Vote Early And Often In WARL's Straw Poll (UPDATED)

Mitt’ns Romney Wants Your Vote

WASHINGTON -- These candidates' positions are clear: One wants more dog parks. The other supports biodegradable litter for every feline. Neither has taken a stance on how to fix the economy.

The Washington Animal Rescue League is asking you to cast your vote. Your choices are Barrrk Obama, an adorable hound who wears a patriotic bandana and promises more dog-friendly restaurants, or Mitt’ns Romney, a somewhat anxious-looking kitten from the streets of D.C. who's looking to expand cat entitlements.

You can vote as often as you'd like for little Barrrk or Mitt'ns. Each vote costs $1, and is a tax-deductible donation to WARL. Voting will continue through the end of October.

And if you really want to support either candidate, you can go further than a gift of money. They are both up for adoption.

For those who are keeping track: As of Wednesday afternoon, when WARL was posting early returns on its Facebook page, Barrrk was in the lead with 497 votes, to Mitt'ns' 459.

UPDATE: It appears that Mitt'ns has enjoyed a post-debate bounce. Thursday morning, WARL posted on Facebook that the cat has surged into the lead, with 1,554 votes to Barrrk's 775 votes.

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