BART Cop Needs to Be Held without Bail

I have yet to see any widespread nationwide coverage on the New Year's execution style murder of Oscar Grant by a Bay Area Rapid Transit -- BART -- police officer. Somebody told me that they saw 5 minutes of coverage on CNN last night. I would think they would syndicate it across all networks by now. According to, BART Officer Johannes Mehserle has resigned after receiving death threats. Look at the video; what do you expect?

BART is being sued for $25 Million; I would say make it $50 Billion if it's a realistic number. Otherwise, they need to cover full damages. There is no reason for that officer to be walking the streets. Mehserle needs to be held without bail as he as an apparent danger to himself and society. Protests over the BART shooting have already turned violent.

Regardless of all the change, these situations appear to remain as a recurring epidemic in American culture. Until police officers are required to act as human beings; as long as they are allowed to act as animals; I ask today's youth to avoid situations where executions with such a blatant disregard for life are likely to occur. My response to such a request as a former troubled teenager would be that I can't afford to get out of my projects, my ghetto, my situation. My response now to anyone who shares these sentiments is to seek education as high as required to give you the foundation to seek a job or a business opportunity that will extract you from tyranny.


NBC footage shows protesters chanting "No Justice, No Peace," while some light a dumpster on fire in the middle of an intersection that a squad car is trying to cross. Protesters block and jump on top of the squad car. The reporter gets shot with a bean bag. Stay abreast of this developing story following me on Twitter.

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