New York City Bartender Makes 96K, Says It's 'Hard To Beat' (VIDEO)

WATCH: New York City Bartender Makes $96K

Waitressing, bartending, and other service industry jobs may be the up and coming trend in high-paying, low-skill work.

According to a survey, the average wait staff salary in Houston is $49,000 a year. The potential to make more than that is great, based on tips, location, experience and industry.

A New York City bartender who made $96,000 last year said the starting wage at her hotel is $26 an hour, not including cash tips, holiday pay, overtime, and insurance. Sarah Speros spoke with Huffpost Live host Nancy Redd about how waitressing is "hard to beat."

"There are few people on broadway who make as much as I do," Speros said. Though she initially came to New York to act, she says she can't complain about her gig.

But finding that high-paying service industry job isn't always easy.

"They are few and far between," Speros said. "I have been in New York for almost eight years now working in the service industry, getting to know people, and a friend of mine got me this opportunity and I haven't looked back since."

Even if it isn't something you want to do for the rest of your life, waitressing and bartending can help prepare for future careers.

"There are so many skills that one can hone in the service industry," Eric Weiss, President and Founder of Service Arts told Huffpost Live. "Obviously people skills, listening skills, asking question skills, being part of a team and teamwork skills as well as food knowledge, wine knowledge, lighting knowledge, decoration knowledge."

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