Baseball Announcers React Absurdly To Players' 'Unprofessional' Practice Attire

The Atlanta Braves broadcasters really took issue with players adorned in T-shirts.

As they called the game between the Los Angeles Dodgers and Atlanta Braves on Saturday night, Braves announcers Joe Simpson and Chip Caray took a moment to rip into the opposing team’s players for wearing “very unprofessional” batting practice attire earlier in the day.

Some of the Dodgers wore T-shirts and pants pulled up over the knees, while going sockless ― you know, real end-of-the-world offenses. Simpson, a former Dodger himself, dwelled on his irritation over the players’ appearance.

“If I was a Dodgers fan, I’d be embarrassed,” Simpson said.

Caray chimed in, agreeing with his partner’s comments. And then he defended Simpson’s opinion on social media, ironically telling people to “lighten up” over his partner’s all-too-serious rant about what players wear during batting practice. (After all, as NBA great Allen Iverson famously noted, “We’re talking about practice, man!... We ain’t talking about the game.”)

Dodgers second baseman Chase Utley ― who Simpson specifically called out ―was actually wearing a “K Cancer” T-shirt from the Jason Motte Foundation, an organization established by former major league pitcher Jason Motte dedicated to helping those battling cancer. In baseball parlance, a “K” stands for a strikeout.

The Braves announcers apparently were clueless about Utley’s shirt, but it surely adds a much-needed dose of perspective to a conversation about what’s really important here.