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Basic Photography Tips for Business Owners

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Ask business owners in today's world if they could live without their phone and chances are they'd either laugh or say how ridiculous your question is.

No phone? Are you crazy?

Yes a phone houses e-mails and schedules but it also carries the hardware of unbelievable camera power. Nowadays you don't even need to carry around a clunkly DSLR in order to take professional-looking photographs. All you need is your camera phone and a few free apps (it's all I use).

If you're new to taking shots for your business, here are a few tips to get you started.

Use bright colours.

An office drowning in grey has colour somewhere. Find it. Maybe it's a photo frame or a colourful planter. Maybe it's your co-worker's cardigan or scarf. Bright colours make people feel energetic. It awakens sleepy eyes so be sure to utilize life's rainbow to your benefit.

Here is a cute kitchen timer that needs an extra pop. The yellow backdrop is courtesy of some spare material lying around my house.


Keep it simple.

If you're a newbie to photography, it's easy to fall into the trap of having lots of items and action in a photo.

Sometimes the most powerful shots are ones that let a lone product or service stand on its own. This makes it easy for customers to visually comprehend what they are seeing. Think about how fast you scroll when you're online-your product needs to stand out and be easily identifiable.

Background: My bedroom wall and this fluffy model who doesn't charge for her time.


Have fun.

Speaking in an extremely formal tone online can make the voice of your company sound robotic. Whatever your personality, don't be afraid to show that in what you write and what you shoot for your online presence.

In general, humour is always well received on the internet so have some fun with your photos.

This simple graphic is made with the free online software Canva.


Do not buy ANYTHING in hopes that it will help provide a better photo.

We are all on budgets. As an entrepreneur myself, I get that. If you're scratching your head thinking that nothing can make a beautiful photo, don't fret. You just haven't learned to be resourceful yet in the photography department.

This bright green backdrop is courtesy of my plastic cutting board. FREE.


Next time you need (and probably should) take a photo for your business, think outside the box and look around for colour and inspiration. Chances are there are tons of free resources at your disposal.

Jessica is a Toronto photographer who only shoots and edits with her phone. Visit her website here.