'Basketball Wives': Evelyn Loses Her Cool When Kenya Won't Admit Calling Her 'Loose' (VIDEO)

Kenya Bell bit off more than she could chew perhaps when she joined the cast of "Basketball Wives" (Mon., 8 p.m. ET on VH1). Or maybe she thought she was ready to go toe to toe with Evelyn Lozada. On that point, though, she was proven very wrong.

After word spread that Kenya had called Evelyn "loose," Evelyn confronted her about it. Kenya tried to keep her cool, but that wasn't going to work. Evelyn had made up her mind to believe what she'd been told, with no real reason not to, and Kenya's cool demeanor wasn't helping. The more she said she didn't remember, the more angry Evelyn got.

That said, the pre-planned drama was rather amusing, as evidenced by Kenya's inability to keep from smirking as Evelyn started to take off her earrings during her expletive-filled tirade toward the newer castmember. Finally, Evelyn gave Kenya one last chance to come clean -- which she didn't take -- before charging her, throwing first a wine bottle and then a plate.

The best moment came, though, when Evelyn was wrestled into submission. "Why y'all stop me all the f*****g time?" she shouted.

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