'BatDad' Is The Superhero Father Every Kid Deserves! (VIDEO)

WATCH: 'BatDad' Is The Hero Every Kid Deserves!

Note the time and then immediately stop whatever it is you were doing before to witness history in the making. It's -- dun-nuh dun-nuh dun-nuh dun-nuh -- BatDad!

He doesn't just tell his kids to say please. He puts on a mask, a cape and his best Dark Knight voice to inspire them to be good. This compilation of his seven-second clips comes straight from @BatDadVine. (He goes by BatDad on Vine if you want to look him up there.)

As one commenter so aptly writes, "He's the hero his kids deserve, but not the one they understand right now." Indeed. We salute you, BatDad!

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