Batgirl PSA: Vintage Ad Shows the Superhero Defending the Equal Pay Act

As a child I obsessively watched re-runs of the 1960s live-action "Batman" television series and sang along with the theme song. I also idolized the show's female characters -- Batgirl and Catwoman. So imagine my surprise and delight when this PSA, first posted on Sociological Images, began making the Internet rounds, and I learned that Batgirl not only has an awesome purple uniform, but is totally in favor of equal pay for women.

The PSA cropped up again over this past weekend in honor of the 49th anniversary of the Equal Pay Act, passed in 1963. The legislation was intended to end gender-based wage discrimination, and this PSA was spreading the equal pay for equal work mantra. In the words of Robin, "Holy act of Congress!"

The ad depicts Batman and Robin getting themselves into a bit of a pickle -- just the usual tied-up-as-a-bomb-is-about-to-go-off sort of scenario. Batgirl rushes in to save them, but first she spouts some knowledge about the gender wage gap: "I've worked for you a long time, and I'm paid less than Robin! Same job, same employer means equal pay for men and women!"

You tell 'em, Batgirl.

WATCH: Batgirl Stands Up For Equal Pay