7 Remarkably Clever Bathroom Hacks

Whether you share a bathroom with three other roommates or are lucky enough to bask in your own lavatory ambience, the washroom is a place where improvements canbe made.
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Whether you share a bathroom with three other roommates or are lucky enough to bask in your own lavatory ambience, the washroom is a place where improvements can always be made. The 7 hacks below will organize, sanitize, and generally make your morning/night routine a more enjoyable experience.

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1. Shave your mirror
What you need: Shaving cream.
What it does: Keeps your mirror fog/steam free.

Lather up your mirror/a part of your mirror with shaving cream and then wipe it clean. For the next three or so weeks you can take all the steamy showers you want and stare at yourself directly afterwards without having to clean a speck of condensation.

2. Utilize all of your space
What you need: A shelf.
What it does: Acts as spot to store towels, products, extra rolls of toilet paper, etc.

Install a shelf over your bathroom door to keep overflow out of the way and organized.

3. Make your stuff smell good
What you need: Essential oil(s).
What it does: Provides your bathroom with a pleasant aroma.

Put a few drops of essential oil (lemongrass, cedarwood, and lavender work well) on the inside of your cardboard toilet paper roll. The material will absorb the oil and diffuse the scent.

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4. First is best
What you need: Eyes.
What it does: Gives you the best opportunity to pick the cleanest toilet.

The stall closest to the bathroom door is frequently the least used because people tend to go towards the back for privacy purposes. Sparse use means less bacteria and more toilet paper.

5. Clean your head
What you need: White vinegar, a plastic bag, and a rubber band or string.
What it does: Cleans/unclogs a shower head.

After months/years of use, shower heads build up a nasty collection of lime/calcium deposits in their valves. This negatively impacts water pressure and is an unpleasant sight when you look up while showering. To solve this issue, fill up a plastic bag with white vinegar, tie it around your shower head, and let is soak overnight.

6. Easily organize your caddies
What you need: A shower curtain rod.
What it does: Creates extra space to hang shower caddies filled with your favorite toiletries.

This hack is especially useful if you live with other people. Put a shower curtain rod in your shower to hang caddies from and keep everyone's stuff organized and separate.

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7. Go ahead, sing your pretty little heart out
What you need: A sink.
What it does: Creates an amplifier for music that's played from your phone, sorta like a mini, on-end amphitheater

If you don't have one of those bougie wireless shower speakers, just put your phone in the sink as an easy way to magnify the sound.

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