Surprising Items In Your Bathroom That Have An Expiration Date (VIDEO)


We all know we shouldn't hold on to things past their expiration dates, especially food. But what about the stuff that doesn't have numbers printed on the labels to let you know when to toss them?

Right now, there's a good chance you've got a few items in your bathroom that have outlived their clean lives. In the video above, The Doctors show us four common items that you've probably held onto for a little too long. Meaning, it's likely they've started growing bacteria. Yikes. They are: hydrogen peroxide, your razor, rubbing alcohol and your lufa.

But hydrogen peroxide lasts forever, right? Wrong. It expires much quicker than you think.

Watch the video to learn why it's important to clear out your medicine cabinet and replace these items ASAP.

And, check out the slideshow below for some more surprising cleaning tips you might not know.

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