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Bathroom Renovating: Top 5 Tips

If you have a pink tub and gold antique faucets, it just might be time to renovate and invest in something you'll actually enjoy using and admiring.
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If you have a pink tub and gold antique faucets, it just might be time to renovate and invest in something you'll actually enjoy using and admiring. The excuse that it's "vintage" is getting old, and I can almost guarantee that once it's complete you'll think "why didn't I do that 10 years ago..?".

1. Importance of Layout
When homeowners finally decide to renovate their bathroom, I often find that people like to 'jump the gun' and head straight to shopping before coming up with a functional floor plan. Creating a layout that works is paramount -- take the time to measure and draw out the space (to scale!) and create a design that works; keeping in mind the flow of traffic, having enough space to move around comfortably, the right amount of clearance to open doors and drawers, and the way everything looks in relation to each other. Manipulating the layout can increase your floor space, but you might also be able to move walls to give yourself even more room. If you have a linen closet next to the bathroom or closet from another room that is on the other side of the wall, you might be able to shorten the closet depth to give you a couple extra square feet for your bathroom. Explore all of your options before beginning work.
*Saving tip: Don't change the location of the tub and toilet and you'll save a bundle of money!

2. The Shower and Tub
Having both a shower and a tub in your main bathroom is definitely something that you want to think about if you're planning on selling in the future -- it's something that young home owners with children in mind will want. If your bathroom is on the smaller side, combine the shower and tub. Mirolin has the perfect tub for small spaces -- it's 60 inches, smaller than the standard size, called the Azurra Adora. Pair it with the popular rainfall shower head and a beautiful bathtub waste and overflow drain (OS&B offers drains in many styles and finishes -- available through plumbing boutiques and retailers such as The Home Depot) and your house is practically sold!

3. Sink Space
There are so many different shapes and sizes when it comes to sinks -- it's really about finding what is most suitable for you. Make a list of what you're looking for and take it with you shopping -- you might want something deep, round and polished -- or shallow, rectangular and matte. Choose your vanity first before and bring the measurements with you before going out and making the purchase -- the height of the vanity may affect whether you want a low under-mount unit or a high vessel.

4. Mirror Art
Choosing a mirror is like choosing the artwork for a room. It's the finishing touch for the space. The mirror adds the sparkle and reflects the light -- the larger the mirror; the larger the impact. Want a designer look? Tile the walls of your bathroom and insert a large sized mirror to be flush with the tile work -- the end result always looks incredible!

5. Heated Floor
If you're doing a full bathroom reno and ripping up the floor, why not consider treating yourself by installing a heated floor system? In Canada we have climates that would make a penguin cry so having this feature in the winter is particularly enjoyable! NuHeat is my "go-to" company for heated floors. With them you can customize the mat to fit the exact measurements of the space so every inch of the floor will give off warmth.

At the end of the day it's all about creating a unified look that you'll be happy to wake up to and come home to everyday. Completely transforming your bathroom will be a big change and take some getting used to -- especially if you change the size and/or location of the pieces within it. Give yourself four to six weeks to adjust to the new look and really fall in love with your new bathroom.