Mystery Donor Buys Batkid A Billboard To Thank Him For Saving 'Gotham City'

Batkid can now watch over Gotham City at all times, defending it from evil and inspiring its citizens to stand up for justice. A mystery donor has made sure of that.

Recently, someone (or a few someones) purchased a billboard featuring an image of the 5-year-old superhero, ordinarily known as Miles Scott, to thank him for his service to San Francisco.

Patricia Wilson, executive director of Make-A-Wish Greater Bay Area, tweeted a photo of the giant sign after coming across it on Thursday near the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge.

We were first introduced to Batkid on Nov. 15, when he dramatically saved San Francisco from evildoers. Since then, our favorite superhero, whose leukemia is now in remission, has been keeping an eye out for crime all over the country.

In late November, he made his way to New York, where he rescued rapper Pitbull from the Joker on the set of Good Morning America. And last week, he appeared at the Make-A-Wish Foundation's Brave The Bay fundraiser to pay it forward for other sick children.



San Francisco Is Gotham City For Batkid!