Batkid Returns To San Francisco For 'Brave The Bay' Fundraiser

Batkid is back -- this time to help others like himself.

The story of 5-year-old Miles Scott, aka "Batkid," lit up social media and the hearts of many last month when San Francisco transformed itself into Gotham City for a day to grant the brave boy's wish.

Now the young superhero, who's battled leukemia since he was 20-months-old, is back in action. On Saturday, Miles made an appearance (in costume, of course!) at the Make-A-Wish Foundation's Brave The Bay fundraiser, where he led a 5K race alongside his mom, Natalie Scott. (The San Francisco Chronicle has some adorable photos.)

It seems like Batkid's presence has been a boon for the fundraiser. The event has raised $88,000 in donations so far, which is roughly $18,000 more than the $70,000 it raised last year, according to USA Today.

Make-A-Wish spokesperson Jen Wilson attributed the uptick in cash gifts to Batkid's presence.

"[He's] drawn a lot of attention to this event," Wilson told USA Today. "In the past we haven't had media attention for this event, at all. Today we have every local network here, we have radio stations, we have the San Francisco Chronicle."

Saturday's fundraising event isn't the only way that Batkid is giving back. He and his parents started The Batkid Fund, which will donate 100% of proceeds to the three nonprofit groups that helped him fight his leukemia, which is now in remission.

Watch below, as Batkid returns to San Francisco for the Make-A-Wish fundraiser.



San Francisco Is Gotham City For Batkid!