Batman Launches Missiles, Tortures A Guy In New 'Arkham Knight' Trailer

Bat-fans, we've got good news and bad news.

We'll start with the good: Rocksteady, the studio behind the critically acclaimed "Batman: Arkham Asylum" and "Batman: Arkham City" video games, released a new 7-minute trailer for "Arkham Knight" Monday. It gives the best look yet at the upcoming game, which will be released on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC this summer.

Now the bad news: Rocksteady announced via Twitter that the release date for "Arkham Knight" has been pushed to June 23. It's not the first delay for the Caped Crusader's latest. The release had previously been re-scheduled to June 2, back from an initial plan for the fall of 2014.

The game is the first in the series to receive an "M" rating, basically the equivalent of the movie industry's "R," which no Batman film has ever received. According to the Entertainment Software Rating Board, the game contains "blood," "language," "suggestive themes" and "violence." The ESRB also notes that the game contains torture and high-powered weaponry like machine guns and rocket launchers.

Some of these mature elements feature prominently in the new trailer:

Batman, hero to all children, breaks a criminal's hand after verbally abusing him. (Source)

Batman, who refuses to use guns in most depictions, launches missiles at a convict's vehicle on a busy city street. (Source)

Looks exciting, right? With any luck, we'll see more of it June 23.