'Batman' Gets Beatdown On Las Vegas Strip (VIDEO)

Fight fans in Las Vegas last weekend were drawn to the WBO welterweight title fight between Manny Pacquiao and Sugar Shane Mosley at the famous MGM Grand Garden Arena. However, it was another fight that same day -- an impromptu match on the Vegas Strip involving a masked caped crusader -- that has gone viral.

The video, (scroll down to watch) posted on YouTube earlier this week by Marcus DeWayne Pace of Huntsville, Texas, shows a single-round brawl between an unidentified male in a white shirt and a street performer dressed as Batman.

"I was standing on Tropicana [Avenue] with my sister and we saw an argument going on between the two," Pace told AOL Weird News. "I was like yeah, it's fixing to go down, so I grabbed my video camera."

As the camera rolled, the two men appeared to be playfully messing around but the situation escalated when the man in white tossed an orange cone at the Dark Knight and briefly mocked the fictional super hero's reputed super powers.

Batman responded by kicking the orange cone and hurling a verbal assault at his new arch-nemesis, telling him to, "suck my f*****g d**k." More words were exchanged and Batman appeared to make the first move -- pushing the man in white. From there, things only went from bad to worse for Gotham's finest.

The man in white quickly landed a hard right to Batman's face, followed by a solid left and a barrage of right hooks. Batman responded by waving his hands in front of him in what appeared to be a bizarre slap-stick style form of martial arts. The defense failed and the man in white charged in with a flurry of combinations.

The man in white was now the aggressor as Batman attempted to retreat. When that failed, Batman desperately attempted a headlock, at which time the man in white body-slammed the Dark Knight onto the pavement. The stunning turn of events appeared to daze him, as the man in white hammered him with five right hooks to the face.

Then, just as quickly as the fight began, it was over with Batman stumbling away as police closed in.

"Batman kind of wobbled away," Pace said. "I saw him a couple minutes after the fight going down the road with his mask, cape and everything off."

According to a spokesman for the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, neither of the combatants suffered serious injuries from the fight and no arrests were made.

"Nobody wanted to press charges," Officer Marcus Martin told AOL Weird News.

Martin, who has seen the video of the fight, added: "Being a baby boomer, that was just disheartening to see Batman get it handed to him."

The YouTube video of the fight is marked as "Batman Beatdown on the Vegas Strip" and is flagged as "inappropriate for some users." Since being posted on Monday, the video has received more than 400,000 views.

Pace, who was in Vegas for Pacquiao and Mosley's fight -- a fight that ended in an unsatisfying unanimous decision that extended Pacquiao's victory streak to 14 -- said he found the Batman fight far more exciting. He also said he plans to continue carrying his camera with him everywhere he goes, just in case.

"Every time we left our hotel room I took my camera and my girlfriend kept asking me 'why you grabbing that camera' and I said 'just in case something happens.' She won't be asking me that again," Pace said.

VIDEO (WARNING: Graphic physical violence and language):



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