Batman Is The Worst Partner Ever During Police Ride-Along

It's best you don't dial 911 for Bruce Wayne during an emergency.

The Dark Knight doesn't play by "the rules."

So when Batman rode along with a cop from the Fort Worth Police Department in Texas, it's probably no surprise to hear that it didn't end too well.

Bruce Wayne's alter ego moans extensively about the police car in a hilarious recruitment video the department posted to Facebook:

The car doesn't have anything on the Batmobile, the superhero says, before annoyingly humming his TV show's theme song, and then mocking the officer for receiving calls on a radio and not via the Bat-Signal.

When it comes to lunch, Batman adds insult to injury by chowing down on a delicious-looking meal. The officer, meanwhile, is left munching on a sandwich.

And when Batman starts humming the theme song again for the umpteenth time, the cop decides he's had enough. He pulls the car over and demands that Batman gets out.

"I've had it. I'm done," he says, dumping Batman -- who then boasts about earning more money than him -- on the sidewalk. 

The clip, which is going viral, ends with a message for potential recruits.

"Attention officers!!! If you are ready to make a change and want to join the Forth Worth Police Department then check out our lateral entry program," it reads. "But please … don't be like Batman."

Copy that.