Batman vs Superman


I know I am late. I waited forever to go see the Batman vs Superman movie. I wasn't exactly psyched to go see it as I loved Christian Bale's portrayal of Batman and I had to get into the idea of Ben Affleck playing the superhero. These days, I have time on my hands, so I decided to see this movie during a weekday matinee. I like this time of week and day, so as to have the theater to myself. I know it's a little antisocial, but I like to watch movie this way, instead of crammed like sardines with many distractions. I still wasn't completely stoked to see it but I thought this was a movie I better see on the big screen, and it won't have the same effect on my TV as a DVD. I splurged on the 3D experience because hey, I am worth it, and settled in to take in and get lost in the fantasy world of superheroes.


So I ended up loving it. So much so that I came back to see it with my daughter in the afternoon. I found that the actors were believable in the roles, and I didn't feel like it was Ben Affleck trying to be Batman; I just thought that this is Batman. Henry Cavill has been a favorite since Man of Steel and this movie just solidified his place in my heart. I love Superman because of the way he portrays the character with such integrity and kindness. He struggles in both movies with the people of earth always doubting his intentions, but still having to take the high road and protecting them anyway to his own detriment.


I must say here, that I did not care for Lois Lane in Man of Steel; I didn't think she matched his screen presence. I found her sort of weak and forgettable, but I grew to respect the character in this movie. She had tenacity, gumption and smarts this time around. Lex Luthor was perfectly depicted: intellectual and manipulating with just enough crazy seeping through. You knew he wasn't wrapped too tight but he did an almost good job of keeping it together. Wonder Woman was so well casted. I mean, everything about her screams superhero. Her acting was on point, especially in the fighting scenes, her facial expressions and bravery in the face of such a terrifying creature is to be commended. Laurence Fishburne was perfection as he always is. Do I wish one of the Superheroes was of a more diverse ethnicity, of course, but I still connected with their struggles and triumphs as a human. Hopefully we will see more diverse DC comics Superheroes in future films.



The cinematography was incredibly detailed. Martha Wayne's pupil dilating as she bled out after being shot to depict the life leaving her body was exceptional. The slow motion scenes were my favorite, and the music and sound effects were seriously the most effectual I have experienced. The foreboding sound as Lex Luthor walked to Zad's remains had me in suspense; it was so well put together. The sonic boom every time Superman took off, and how he lands on one knee, Lord I was swooning in my movie theater seat. The story line kept moving and I never got bored. The only thing that wasn't on par for me was that desert fighting scene with Batman and the wasps; it was totally unbelievable, even for a superhero. I don't know who choreographed that scene, but I still give the movie 5 stars out of 5 stars. It was excellent on every level to me.