An Instagram User Claims To Have The Latest Photos Of The Batmobile

Zack Snyder gave us a slight glimpse of the Batmobile he'll feature in "Batman V Superman" back in May, but one Instagram user has now pulled back the tarp on Bruce Wayne's crime-fighting car. The movie is currently filming in Detroit, which means the Batmobile appears to have made some public appearances. Cue Instagram spoilers.

As shown in amarco13's photos, this iteration of the famous vehicle is particularly tricked out. Of course, these photos aren't official, meaning they could be something else entirely. (A second user has an overhead shot that can be seen on Gizmodo.) If these images hold up, though, this is what we'll see Ben Affleck cruising around in come March 2016.

Compare those shots to the one Snyder posted in May:



Ben Affleck is on Fire