Parties Vie For Women's Votes In Video Mashup From Conventions

If you didn't believe that a political battle over women is being waged, this video mashup by Buzzfeed is here to prove it.

Posted Tuesday with the title "Watch Democrats And Republicans Beg Women To Vote For Them," the video -- full of impassioned shouting and "We Love Women" fervor -- features speakers from the two national conventions drumming up support from the much-coveted female demographic.

Earlier this year, Jon Ward, a reporter for The Huffington Post, announced that "the war over women is on," commenting on all the attention that the Obama and Romney campaigns were slathering on women voters in Ohio.

As women's issues -- particularly reproductive rights -- continue to take center stage in the election conversation, some say the battle for the female vote may come to define the 2012 presidential election.

The campaign for the women's vote is, of course, both complex and contentious, and this Buzzfeed video does nothing in the way of explaining the issues at hand.

But if you want the essence of the battle captured in two minutes or less, the mashup -- featuring such gems as Ann Romney's "I love you, women!" declaration -- may just be up for the challenge.

Click through this slideshow to see what some of you had to say about the women's issue that's most important to you as the election approaches:

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