'Battle Of The Bastards' Is The Greatest TV Episode Ever On IMDb

Sorry, "Breaking Bad."

There's a new ruler on the Iron IMDb throne.

It's taking forever for winter to come on "Game of Thrones," but in just a few days the latest episode, "Battle of the Bastards," has become the highest-rated TV episode ever. With more than 85,000 votes and a perfect 10/10 rating on IMDb, the episode has officially passed the previous title holder, the "Breaking Bad" episode "Ozymandias."

The "Breaking Bad" episode also has a rating of 10/10, but "Battle of the Bastards" already has around 10,000 more total votes. ("Ozymandias" has around 76,000 currently.) It also has a higher number of 10/10 votes overall. ("Battle of the Bastards" has 79,000. "Ozymandias" has 71,000.)

IMDb votes work on a weighted scale to prevent voting abuse by those looking to boost ratings. But if the averages of the total votes were taken, "Battle of the Bastards" (9.8 average) would still beat "Ozymandias" (9.7 average).

But this isn't a knock on "Breaking Bad."

This is just about celebrating "Battle of the Bastards."

The episode supposedly used 600 crew members, 80 horses and more than $10 million to create the biggest "Game of Thrones" battle ever. Actor Liam Cunningham told us his only problem was that he had to watch it on a 42-inch TV.

"It was cinematic," he said.

The actor also said that if Kit Harington doesn't get some award nominations for this episode, and his work on the entire season, "there is no God."

For more on "Battle of the Bastards," check out HBO's "Anatomy of a Scene":

"Game of Thrones" airs Sunday at 9 p.m. ET on HBO.

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