Batwoman Gay Marriage Proposal: Heroine Proposes To Girlfriend In New Issue (PHOTO)

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Batwoman might be getting married!

News of Batwoman's lesbian marriage proposal was first announced Wednesday on Bleeding Cool, a popular comic book blog. Rich Johnston reported that "Batwoman" #17 concludes with the heorine proposing to her girlfriend, Maggie Sawyer.

Because in Batwoman #17, published today, Kathy Kane, the Batwoman, DC’s leading lesbian lady asks Maggie Sawyer, Captain Sawyer, her secret girlfriend to ... be her wife. No idea how well that’s going to go down. And you have to read the build up to this – and the rather dangerous epilogue. There’s no guarantee we’re going to hear wedding bells. But I think that’s a story. I’ve been talking about how much I love this comic for some time, I think it’s DC’s best. Now I’ve just been given another reason. also confirmed the proposal. After emerging victorious from a recent crusade, Kane reveals her identity to Sawyer. "Marry me, Mags," she says, planting a kiss on Sawyer before the police captain can react.

"Batwoman" artist J. H. Williams had even hinted that big things were in store for Wednesday's release.

Williams also expressed just why this character's story means so much to him and comic book readers alike.

"Batwoman is an important character, and a socially important one that has meaning that extends well beyond the printed pages of the world she lives in, reaching out into ours possibly affecting those who encounter her story," he wrote on his official website Tuesday.

Williams was not immediately available to give a comment to The Huffington Post.

Batwoman's proposal, the first lesbian engagement to be included in a mainstream comic, comes on the heels of DC Comics tapping anti-gay author Orson Scott Card to pen a portion of an upcoming issue of Superman.

PHOTO: Courtesy of Bleeding Cool

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