Bay Area Babysitters Earn The Highest Payments Of Any Others In America

young girl playing with dominoes
young girl playing with dominoes

Forget Silicon Valley start-ups. A new report shows Bay Area baby sitters are the ones making bank.

New data from reveals that Bay Area parents shell out the most money for babysitters than any other parents using the site. The average price of care for one child is $14 per hour. The rate spikes to $19.25 for three children.

Other parent-sitter matchup sites proposed similar fares. suggested a $15 hourly fee for San Francisco nannies and's calculator proposed a $13 hourly rate.

Why are Bay Area sitters striking gold?

“One reason for this disparity is New York has better public transportation,” UrbanSitter’s founder Lynn Perkins told 7x7. "The babysitters say that matters."

Urban sitter connects parents with babysitters online. Over 9,200 Bay Area parents and 3,100 sitters use the site. Though the service began in San Francisco, it has since spread to 13 other cities including Chicago, L.A. and New York.

Last year, New York sitters costs the most money. This year, however, the average rate for baby sitting a single child in the Big Apple was $13.50.