San Francisco Transportation Video: Time-Lapse Map Shows System In Bewitching Detail (VIDEO)

The Bay Area's public transportation infrastructure can at times seem maddeningly complex. With buses, ferries and light rails zipping around every which way, making sense of the system has the potential to make even the biggest transit nerd's eyes glaze over.

Luckily, YouTuber STLTransit has created a beautiful video providing a bird's eye view of the Bay Area's interlocking transit systems.

The nearly two and a half minute clip takes data gathered under Google's General Transit Feed Specification from the SFMTA, BART, AirBART, the Blue & Gold Fleet, Harbor Bay Ferry, Baylink and Golden Gate Ferry to show what 24 hours of typical weekday transportation looks like.

SFist noted being "mesmerized by the little dot doing runs on the 108-Treasure Island line."

While the video is undeniably cool, it doesn't give the complete picture of the region's transit structure. To paraphrase Yoda, "Muni, BART and some ferries does not a transit system make." AC Transit, SamTrans and Golden Gate Transit's Marin-bound buses are all noticeably absent.

This video is only one in a series of similar videos tracking transit systems around the Unitesd States, Canada and the UK.

Check out this video about Sacramento: