Basketball Player On Trump Serving Fast Food At White House Visit: 'OK, Donnie'

Baylor University’s Kalani Brown posted the spread on her Instagram Story, quipping that it was “the moment everyone’s been waiting for.”

For the third time this year, President Donald Trump has greeted star college athletes with fast food spreads, and Baylor University’s Kalani Brown was not impressed.

Brown, who was recently drafted by the Los Angeles Sparks, visited the White House alongside the rest of Baylor University women’s basketball team on Monday after winning the NCAA championship tournament earlier this month.

Upon seeing the platters of Burger King, Chick-fil-A, McDonald’s and Wendy’s laid out for her team, she shared an Instagram Story of the scene. You can hear Brown laughing and saying “whoa” while walking around the room, before adding, “OK, Donnie. Cool.”

She captioned the clip with, “The moment everyone’s been waiting for,” and a crying-laughing emoji.

Brown also shared a snapshot of herself in a mirror at the White House, tagging it as the “Obama White House.” 

In addition to eating Trump’s fast food offerings, the team presented the president with his own jersey which Trump accepted by saying: “I love those short sleeves. I’ll give it to Melania.”